Screenlight TUE 1 AUG 2017 - SAT 1 SEPT 2018




Throughout the following year, this 55 - inch monitor will be home to an eclectic range of video art works that have been produced with the support of Creative Industries Trafford and Waterside Arts Centre. 

We have invited artists from a range of disciplines – from digital artists and lens-based practitioners to traditional stop motion animators – in order to showcase and support the rich diversity of high quality moving image art being produced today. 

Four artists have been chosen from our initial nationwide open call and we will be announcing a further two open calls in the coming months. Artists who are interested in taking part in this program should email for more information regarding this opportunity. 

We hope you enjoy SCREENLIGHT 2017.

This is How I Copy, How do You Copy? 2017

Craig Coulthard

On until 6 October

5 single channel video works, 2017

Each of the films shows the progression/animation of a 'copy' I have made of a famous artists work. These copies were produced on an iPad. 'The works are copies of Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin and Jean Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, and John Muafangejo.

The films/copies are my attempt to deal with the art-historical weight of long-established artistic icons and methods. They are a way for me to cope with my own perceived inadequacies, while learning through imitation and hopefully poking some fun at the mythologising of art and artworks.

About the Artist

Craig Coulthard is interested in the way that, despite our expectations, tradition never actually stands still. Coulthard is an artist and musician who works with ideas and events as well as film and objects. From folk music to football, he tweaks traditional forms or familiar occasions to play with our ideas of memory, history, conflict and belonging. 

His best-known work to date is Forest Pitch, commissioned by the Cultural Olympiad in 2012, a brand new football pitch in the heart of a forest in the Scottish Borders.