Creative Industries Trafford & 2Magpies Theatre present

Devising Theatre from Real Sources

£5 / £3 / Free to Ventoux ticket holders

A Creative Industries Trafford Workshop with 2Magpies Theatre.

2Magpies Theatre devise performance from real life stories of global significance, such as the detention of terror suspects and doping in the Tour de France. This is a practical workshop with Tom Barnes of 2Magpies on the mechanics of devising from real sources. This includes primary sources (verbatim, images, first person accounts) in addition to wider contexts. How do you find the right voice, performance style and point of view? 

Find out more about 2Magpies' work here:  

2Magpies will be performing in Ventoux where they will restage the Tour de France race between Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani. Tickets are available here

This workshop is free to ticket holders of Ventoux. Please call Box Office on 0161 912 5616 to book your free tickets.

This workshop will take place in The Chambers. 



  1. April 20, 2017, 2 p.m. → Book Now