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Airport '77 (1977)


We have an endearing love of the disaster movie, coupled with our relationship with flying. In these days of the budget airlines, Airport ’77 captures the era of luxury and adventure of the earlier days of flight. Flying still continues to have symbolic significance in our lives, even with the advancement of safety, there is still a vulnerability to flying. This star studded cast show us how to fly in style and it will have you singing Barry Manilow’s  ‘Bermuda Triangle’ by the end of the night.

Northern Noir

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The Jubilee Show Reel

1977, a significant year, 40 years ago and we were moving away from those post war years where we had a foot in the old world and one foot firmly into the new world, ready to launch ourselves into the 1980s. It was a significant year of street parties, Punk, murdered women in Yorkshire, British Leyland strikes, Concorde’s first flight, all topped off with Morecombe and Wise Christmas Show. But it was a bumper year for films, Star Wars, Annie Hall, Eraserhead, to name a few.

Northern Noir have handpicked three films as a backdrop to discuss some of the key themes of that glorious year; The Turning Point, Saturday Night Fever and Airport '77.

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