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Saturday Night Fever (1977)


The picture that launched the career of John Travolta, a relative TV unknown. Although punk has created a lasting image of the 70s, this film embodies the other developments of the music scene, namely disco, a genre that was culture bending, drawing on many sources, championing a world of glamour and escapism and the cult of the Saturday night; definitely one to watch.

Northern Noir

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The Jubilee Show Reel

1977, a significant year, 40 years ago and we were moving away from those post war years where we had a foot in the old world and one foot firmly into the new world, ready to launch ourselves into the 1980s. It was a significant year of street parties, Punk, murdered women in Yorkshire, British Leyland strikes, Concorde’s first flight, all topped off with Morecombe and Wise Christmas Show. But it was a bumper year for films, Star Wars, Annie Hall, Eraserhead, to name a few.

Northern Noir have handpicked three films as a backdrop to discuss some of the key themes of that glorious year; The Turning Point, Saturday Night Fever and Airport '77.

Join us for a pre-show talk at 7.15pm.

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